Pillow with your ideal height and hardness

A pillow from Cassenz gives you the ideal night's sleep. The latex models are filled with down, synthetic material or a combination thereof. Each material has its own strong characteristics. And there is always a model that suits your sleeping style.

With different models you can determine the height and hardness yourself. This way you create a pillow that completely suits you. So don't wait any longer, and put your head on a pillow that deserves it.

A good pillow is essential for an ideal night's sleep

Did you know that you spend more than 2500 hours a year on a pillow? That's more than 100 days a year. A good pillow is therefore essential for sufficient relaxation.

If you sleep on the wrong pillow, this will be at the expense of your night's sleep. You toss and turn, hinder your breathing and strain your spine. This can even lead to back problems.

Pillow filling important for support

You will rest better with a pillow that matches your sleeping style. And you get the right support. The filling plays an important role in this.

Cassenz pillows are available in various variants: latex, down, synthetic material and specials. They are all dimensionally stable, ergonomically shaped and provide constant support. This way you can be sure that you sleep optimally. Every night again.