With a goose down duvet from Cassenz you get the best quality at home. You don't want to cut corners on a good night's sleep. With our goose down duvet Da Vinci from Cassenz you don't have to, because this is a gem. The down comforter Rembrandt is filled with 100% goose down. This material provides a superior sleeping experience. The down feathers are light and soft. In addition, they optimally retain heat and dissipate moisture unnoticed. You sleep wonderfully warm and comfortable. Every night again.

A goose down duvet provides excellent insulation

Down duvets have been used in Europe since the fourteenth century. They are still immensely popular, and not without reason. Down weighs little, insulates excellently and wicks moisture away unnoticed. Every human being perspires during his sleep. This amounts to up to half a liter per night.

Our goose down comforter Rembrandt absorbs this effortlessly, without compromising its insulating capacity.

Your duvet stays warm and never feels clammy. A special feature of goose down is its high fill power. The higher this is, the better the quality. The filling power of the Rembrandt duvet is excellent at 180 mm. The blanket is feather light, silky soft and always warm.

Luxurious ticking falls smoothly around the body

The cover of our duck down comforter Vermeer is made of 100% cotton. This material is thin, soft and comfortable. The duvet falls smoothly over your body and you hardly feel it. In addition, it efficiently seals draft holes. You don't get cold and you don't have to toss and turn for the ideal sleeping position. With its fine ticking and goose down filling, the Van Gogh is anti-allergic.

House mites barely penetrate the ticking. Mites also do not feel at home in the moisture-regulating indoor climate. With our Rembrandt goose down duvet you will sleep very luxuriously and comfortably. With its very fine ticking and 100% goose down an absolute winner. Even if you are allergic to dust mites.