Comfort of a Latex pillow

With a latex pillow from Cassenz you sleep longer, better and more comfortably. Latex retains its shape. As a result, the pillow constantly supports your head. The pillow also retains its ideal shape, so you sleep more peacefully. You relax in an ideal posture and prevent neck and back problems.

Latex cushion for firmness and comfort

Cushions come in countless varieties. Which pillow suits you best depends on your sleeping position and preferences. Latex is a natural material known for its strength and comfort.

A latex pillow from Cassenz offers the right fit. At the same time it is soft and supportive. You lie comfortably in the correct position. And forces your head into a straight line with your spine. This is essential for a good night's sleep.

Do you suffer from dust mites or other allergies? Then latex is a wise choice. The material is naturally hypoallergenic. House dust mites do not feel at home in latex and the risk of allergic reactions is minimal.

Latex pillow for back, stomach and side sleepers

Everyone sleeps in their own way. Your sleeping position influences your ideal pillow. Latex is naturally harder than, for example, down. That is why a latex pillow is especially suitable for back and side sleepers.

Do you sleep on your stomach? Then view our lowest version of the latex of 9 cm high. These hinder your breathing the least.

More advantages of a latex pillow from Cassenz:

Unprecedented comfortable feeling due to special notches. Retains its shape, so the same height all night. Ergonomically shaped and constantly supportive. Hypoallergenic: bacteria don't stand a chance. Different models for every sleeping style.

Treat yourself to a first-class night's sleep. With a latex pillow from Cassenz.