Wool duvet - A pleasure to sleep under

If you are looking for a high-quality wool duvet, then you have come to the right place.

Wool duvet - Warm, soft and supple

Soft, warm and anti-allergic: with this 100% wool duvet from Cassenz you are assured of a wonderful night's sleep. No matter how hot or cold it is.

A miracle of nature. That's what you can call sheep's wool. The material insulates, ventilates and cleans itself. In all circumstances. This makes sheep's wool an ideal filler for duvets.

Our wool duvets are filled with 100% Merino wool. The material is soft, resilient and extremely insulating. The duvet keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Heavy loads are no problem, because wool fiber always springs back to its original shape. The duvet therefore always offers optimal support.

Wool duvet with high absorbency

One of the advantages of sheep's wool is its high absorbency. During your sleep you secrete perspiration. The wool filling of our wool duvets absorbs this effortlessly and evaporates it immediately. Thanks to the optimal moisture balance, you always sleep dry and wake up refreshed. Sheep's wool is naturally anti-allergic. Due to its high absorption capacity and low humidity, mites and mold do not feel at home in the duvet.

Water and dirt do not penetrate the fibre

Wool contains lanolin, also known as wool grease. The lanolin does not absorb water and dirt into the fiber. Lanonine also has a healing effect. Our wool duvets relieve the muscles and make joints supple again.

Another advantage of wool: it neutralizes odors and harmful substances from sweat. This gives bacteria even less chance and your duvet always smells pleasant.

Luxurious covers complete the wool duvet

A high-quality duvet needs a luxurious ticking. The cover of this wool duvet is made of 100% cotton or 100% cotton satin. This material is thin, soft and airy. In short, with this duvet you sleep comfortably and relaxed. Always and everywhere.