Down comforter from Cassenz

When you know you sleep a third of your life, and a good downcomfortergreatly affects your sleep. So why settle for less than the best?

Cassenz makes down duvets of the highest quality. With fillings of premium duck and goose down. And covers of very fine cotton and silk. With a down duvet from Cassenz you get the sleep you deserve. Every night again.

Sleep better with a down comforter from Cassenz

Sleep is important. The quality of your sleep has a major impact on your functioning and well-being. With a down comforter from Cassenz you sleep earlier, better and longer.

The down duvets are very light and well filled. Down insulates stagnant air through its minuscule hairs. This additionally retains the heat. Even on the coldest nights.

Choice of high quality duck down and goose down

Cassenz duvets are filled with duck down and goose down. Goose down is slightly larger and more resilient than duck down. This makes a goose down duvet slightly lighter and more comfortable.

The finish of the duvets is luxurious and tailored to the filling. The fabric matches the weight of the down in a comforter. This also applies to the ticks. They are very finely woven and elaborately worked. The lighter the filling for the duvet, the finer the cover used.

Down duvets in different warmth classes

The heat class is important when choosing a duvet. The heat class indicates how warm a duvet is. The thermal insulation of a duvet depends on its thickness. An 8 cm high duvet filled with feathers is just as warm as an 8 cm high duvet filled with down.

Cassenz's down duvets are available in various warmth classes and designs. Larger downs provide even more quality. Less down is needed to achieve the same warmth class. With fillings ranging from European duck down to exclusive 100% Masurian goose down, there is something for everyone.

Down duvets with respect for people and animals

Cassenz takes animal welfare very seriously. That's why the down in our duvets is RDS certified. This is a quality mark for responsible production, developed in part by animal welfare groups.

With a down comforter from Cassenz you sleep with peace of mind. Always and everywhere.