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With a natural duvet from Cassenz, every minute of sleep counts

Good sleep is important. We sleep an average of a third of our lives. If you sleep badly, this directly affects your energy level and performance.

A good duvet and pillow is essential for a healthy night's sleep. A suitable duvet primarily retains your body temperature. It must also ventilate air and absorb moisture. This prevents sweating and a clammy feeling.

The natural duvets from Cassenz are made from the finest materials. Such as: Merino wool, camel hair, and cashmere. The duvets are all lightweight, wonderfully soft and beautifully finished.

Various natural fillings for every sleeping wish

Sleep is too important to save on. With a natural duvet from Cassenz you get the best possible night's sleep.

The natural duvets are filled with Merino wool, camel hair and cashmere. Each material has its unique properties and advantages. Soft fibers warm you in winter and cool you in summer. They are also highly insulating. They absorb moisture during sleep and let it evaporate during airing.

Detailed finish gives duvet extra cachet

Quality is in details. With its fine cotton covers and stitching, the natural duvets from Cassenz exude quality.

Quality is also reflected during the production process. Animal welfare and good working conditions are essential. That is why the duvets meet strict guidelines and requirements. You sleep comfortably and with peace of mind.

Sleep better, longer and more comfortably with a natural duvet from Cassenz. Every day again.