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    Sleep with peace of mind

    Cassenz takes animal welfare very seriously. That's why the down in our duvets and pillows is RDS certified. This is a quality mark for responsible production, developed in part by animal welfare groups.

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    Which filling suits you?

    Our collection is composed of high-quality fillings and covers, which distinguishes us from other suppliers. The finish of our products is luxurious and tailored to the filling.

  • Why is a good night's sleep essential to your health and well-being?

    Sleeping well is vital. Research shows that sleep boosts your memory. It also increases your creativity, strengthens your immune system and even makes you fall off. Getting enough sleep is not always obvious. Stress and tension are known causes of insomnia. A bad mattress, duvet or pillow can keep you awake at night. If you don't get enough support, you will sleep restlessly. You keep spinning and keep waking up. You can prevent this with a high-quality duvet and pillow from Cassenz.

    Why is a good night's sleep essential to your health and well-being?

    • Reduce stress, anxiety and restlessness. Sleep peacefully and relaxed
    • Never turn and turn yourself awake again
    • Sleep deeper, better and longer
    • Hygienic and easy to wash out
    • Can be used all year round
    • Made from the best materials and fillings
  • Why is a good duvet and pillow important?

    A suitable mattress, duvet and pillow is essential for a good night's sleep. Everyone sleeps differently and with the right material you can relax to the maximum. Several things are important when choosing a suitable duvet. These include:

    • Your sleeping position
    • The width of your shoulders
    • The hardness of the mattress
    • The formability of the pillow
    • Physical characteristics, such as sweating and allergies

    At Cassenz we make high-quality duvets and pillows for all types of sleepers. Whether you sleep on your stomach, back or side: we always have a pillow and duvet that suits you. So give yourself the best night's sleep. Every day again.